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What is oversharing on your CV?

What is oversharing on your CV?

What is oversharing on your cv?

You have just moments to make a lasting impression... Yikes!

As we face the final stretch of what can only be described as a challenging year for everyone, something that I am sure will resonate with us all, is that the only thing that is guaranteed is change.

We are acclimatising to the ‘new normal’ (just in time for us to sink the very first Baileys of the year) and reflection will be key. Whilst we will not take anything for granted, the chaos that has been the last 7 months has certainly made us assess our future.

With that in mind, giving your CV some TLC could be one of the smartest things you do this year.

The big question is, how much is too much? Your CV is essentially the gateway, and until you have successfully broken through the initial barrier you are going to have to rely on this little document to do the legwork for you. After that you can ease on the brakes, pat it on the back and take over the reins when it comes to the interview process.

Your CV is instrumental and should document your career thus far, but it can also be a snapshot of your personality. After all, people work with people. From early stages we are programmed to abide by the mythological beast that is the two-page CV format and in some cases, you could be cutting out crucial content to preserve your word count. If you are clear, concise, and keeping it relevant, do not panic there’s not as much red tape as you might think.

Are you relatively open in terms of your next venture? Think about how you can customise your CV to be relevant to the role you’re applying for. Maybe even consider having a few versions to ensure you’re always being suitably represented. Technical info: list your attributes and experience, accordingly, pay particular attention to dates and do not forget to follow with your achievements. Your achievements are your bragging rights. This is your opportunity to ‘show off your enviable edge’ and for the reader to envisage how you could benefit the team. Dig deep, brush off your skillset and be proud to comment on your career highlights.

The final portion of your CV is the perfect opportunity to serve up a big ‘ole slice of real individuality and identity, in what could be a pile of suitable candidates. Creating your identity at this stage will also help the hiring manager visualise how you might gel within their network and fit within the environment. Use your experiences this year and think about how lockdown has changed you. Have you become the Albus Dumbledore of Zoom? Been proactive and partaken in additional online training to propel yourself or become passionate about a new hobby? – conclude with these points. Stay away from just adding stagnant past-times, whilst saying “I like to read books” would be acceptable in the Year 9 French mock exam, it will not inspire a potential future employer.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask for help. Whether you are an NQ looking to make the first step, or a Partner looking for a new adventure, the Origin team is on hand to offer advice and guidance. Contact us on 01206 233500 for a confidential chat.

Clare Traverse

About The Author | Clare Traverse

A Business Management graduate from the University of Essex, Clare joined Origin in 2019 to take on the growing demand from our clients in Scotland and the North of England.

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