Securing Tomorrow: The Vital Role of Succession Planning in Law Firm Partnerships

In the dynamic landscape of legal practice, where expertise, client relationships, and reputation are paramount, succession planning stands as a critical pillar for the sustainability and growth of law firm partnerships. While the legal profession is often associated with addressing immediate challenges and complexities, forward-thinking firms recognise the importance of preparing for the future, ensuring […]

Moving to the UK as an Overseas Planning or Environment Lawyer

The demand for Planning and Environment Lawyers in the UK is strong.  With continued investment into infrastructure projects especially in areas such as renewables as well as the continued demand in more traditional development planning, workloads are high in an under-lawyered sector.  This has been exacerbated by the increase of in-house jobs that is attracting […]

Origin Legal – A Take on Legal Apprenticeships with Howes Percival LLP

Last week Jason Nottage spoke with Howes Percival’s HR business partner Katy Tebbutt to discuss all things to do with Legal Apprenticeships. As an innovative law firm, Howes Percival have embraced the non-traditional route to becoming a solicitor. Katy having been with Howes Percival for over 25 years tells us the story and everything you […]

Origin Legal interview Nexa Law

Jason Nottage recently sat down with John McAuley and Eliot Hibbert from Nexa Law to discuss the world of consultancy and all things Nexa. The firm has been going from strength to strength in recent years, so it was time for Origin Legal to find out more. Great to meet you both. So, John congratulations on recently […]

Why you should consider practicing Planning & Environment Law in the UK

I began recruiting Planning & Environment Lawyers in 2002.  I didn’t take long to realise that they are nice people who were enthusiastic about the work that they do.  This led to me developing my own interest in working in this sector.  Having now recruited in Planning for over 20 years at all levels, it […]

Secret Santa Colchester Foodbank Donation

For Christmas this year, our team embraced the spirit of giving, rather than participating in the traditional Secret Santa exchange, we collectively chose to contribute to our local food bank, which plays a crucial role in supporting our community during this festive season. After reaching out to the food bank to obtain a list of […]

What is a recruitment consultant?

Origin Legal - In House

Even before we start school, we are all likely to be asked about the ideas we have for our future career. What do you want to do when you grow up? While early answers often concentrate on vocations such as being a firefighter or playing football for England, over time our interests tend to broaden […]

Origin Legal Interviews Bexley Beaumont

On a recent revisit to Birmingham Jason Nottage got the chance to sit down again with Karen Bexley and Anna Beaumont to discuss the latest happenings at Bexley Beaumont and what life looks like for a Bexley Beaumont consultant solicitor.  Great to see you again. Anna, my LinkedIn news feed has been very busy with […]

The rest is politics

Although the title of a popular podcast, it also sums up what is happening in the Planning market right now.  Below I consider what impact this might have on recruitment for lawyers in the next 12 months. Planning Lawyers continued to be in demand in 2023 but certain sectors have been a little quieter, especially […]