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Working across the north of England and the rest of the UK, Origin Legal has helped to fill a number of corporate solicitor vacancies in Manchester. As a key economic hub that has seen considerable investment and growth, Manchester’s legal sector has thrived with high levels of activity among the recruitment of corporate solicitors. In touch with the latest developments across the sector, and the key decision makers at the heart of it, Origin Legal’s recruiters can help keep you one step ahead as you search for your next job as a corporate solicitor.

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Why is Origin Legal a recruitment specialist I can trust?

Origin Legal’s team of expert legal recruiters have been helping people within the legal sector make the next move on their career path for more than 25 years. Building an unrivalled reputation for skilfully placing the best candidates in the right vacancies, over time Origin Legal has helped to create successful teams at many legal practices that have gone on to thrive and grow, creating more vacancies as they expand. In fact, solicitors placed by Origin Legal in their first role, often return to Origin Legal in senior roles looking to recruit to positions in their own team.

“Birkett Long LLP has worked with Origin Legal on many occasions over several years. Origin Legal have always taken the time to carefully establish our recruitment requirements and we have a good working relationship with them. They identify candidates who are most suitable for us and successful placements have been made.”
– HR Executive
Birkett Long LLP
“Andrew was extremely helpful throughout what can be a stressful time. He is very knowledgeable and always made himself readily available whenever I needed to talk to him and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
– Matthew D
“Andrew is very knowledgeable about what is happening in the market and he instinctively knows what will be the right fit. I had two interviews lined up within a week of contacting Andrew. I highly recommend him.”
– Tina M