Why you should use a legal recruiter for your next career move

Are you a solicitor contemplating your next career move? Whether you’re an experienced Partner looking for new challenges or a trainee approaching legal qualification, embarking on your legal journey, the decision to use a legal recruiter can be a game-changer. At Origin Legal, we understand the legal industry inside and out. Below we have shared […]

The Rising Demand for Private Client Solicitors in the South of England

In recent years, we have seen a significant surge in the demand for private client solicitors in the South of England. Several factors contribute to the increased demand for private client solicitors in this region, ranging from demographic shifts to evolving legal complexities. In this article, we explore the reasons behind the growing demand for […]

When is the right time to apply for NQ solicitor jobs?

Origin Legal - In House

It can be a very difficult situation for a trainee solicitor. You are just a few months into your training contract with the law firm that is supporting your qualification, but very quickly you need to start thinking about what your next step might be once you become an NQ (newly qualified) solicitor. Of course, […]

Great news you’ve received an offer letter! So, what’s next?

Receiving a job offer can be both exciting and daunting, a movie trailer’s playing through your mind about all the possibilities of your next role, but then there’s the fear aspect of having to resign from your current one. But the key is to not panic or rush anything! Below we have outlined our tips […]

Scotland, land of the brave

*Cheers Scotland*  #YouRock In the words of Billy Connolly “There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.” But don’t let that dampen your ideas on making the move (or staying put). Joking apart, Scotland certainly has a big heart and whilst the early morning bustle in the concrete jungle might be grinding you down […]

“If I move to an offshore law firm, will I be able to come back?”​

It is the question we get asked most consistently by people considering legal jobs offshore. The answer is unequivocally yes, although with one caveat…in our experience, people rarely want to. It is easy to assume that it’s the island lifestyle, a better work-life balance or the lower tax bill that keeps people offshore but there […]

I’m an English Solicitor – can you help me to find a role in the USA?

This is a tricky one. It’s not impossible but neither are the odds in your favour. For most, it’s a notoriously difficult move to pull off whether through an agent or directly. In simple terms, you’re up against huge numbers of US qualified attorneys with no visa requirements, so a firm is going to need a very […]

A move to the Channel Islands: FAQs What is the work like?

When speaking to trainee solicitors considering a move on qualification, we are often asked the same questions.  Here we answer a few of those FAQs and interview lawyers who have relocated to Jersey and Guernsey to join offshore law firms. Is the work up to scratch? Offshore firms hire top-class lawyers because they do top-class […]

2020 NQ’s – Your timeline for securing an international role

If you are considering an overseas move when you qualify, it pays to do a bit of preparation in advance. The timeline below sets out a recommended process which we find works well and which allows you plenty of time to find the right opportunities, put together a compelling application and ultimately get the job. […]

Top Tips to CV Success

We all have the best intentions when it comes to keeping our CV up to date – whether building it for the first time, routinely ‘dusting it off’ once a year for a refresh, or only revisiting it when searching for your next opportunity. But it is easy to underestimate its importance – and its […]