Great news you’ve received an offer letter! So, what’s next?

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  • Great news you’ve received an offer letter! So, what’s next?

Receiving a job offer can be both exciting and daunting, a movie trailer’s playing through your mind about all the possibilities of your next role, but then there’s the fear aspect of having to resign from your current one. But the key is to not panic or rush anything!

Below we have outlined our tips on what you should do once you have received that offer.

Firstly, we would suggest not rushing anything! Make sure you take the time to read through the email or letter carefully, to ensure you know all details about the role, making sure that all the information discussed in previous meetings are correct. You should also take the time to think the role through ensuring that it is the right fit for you, take an hour or two, discuss it with your recruiter or someone else. Confirm with your recruiter that they will contact the employer expressing how excited you are to have received the letter with the opportunity and ask when they would need an answer by? This should give you around 24 hours to fully take time to think everything through.

Generally, however, once you have got to the offer stage, all the deal-breakers will have already been addressed by your recruiter and everything should be in place to your satisfaction. As soon as you have made your decision let them know. Express how excited you are to accept the opportunity and how you are looking forward to meeting the team and to be working within the company. This would also be the time to ensure you know things such as, what your working hours are, the parking situation, dress code, this will ensure that you are as prepared as possible to start on your first day.

Next up’s the part you have been dreading, you need to resign from your current role. Double check any paperwork and your contract of employment to ensure you adhere to any resignation rules stipulated. It is a good idea to check your employee handbook which you should have been issued when you joined. Confirm what is expected of you, such as notice period and who you would need to inform of your resignation. Always resign in a polite, professional manner, face to face is always best, with a letter in hand outlining any specifics. Try to thank your employer for the opportunity and experience keeping it as positive as possible.

During your notice period, we would suggest keeping in contact with your recruiter or future employer every so often to show how excited you are to begin working together. It would be a great idea to connect with any future colleagues as well on Linkedin, this way you will be able to build a relationship with them before starting, and it will make your first day a little less scary.

Now you should be ready to start your new role, and remember if you have any other questions, please contact us!

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