How to prepare for a legal job interview

How to prepare for a legal job interview

Securing an interview is an exciting step in the recruitment process but preparing properly in advance can make the difference between success and failure. Here are some of our top tips for that all-important meeting.

Get Organised

You can never be over-prepared for an interview. Take some time to research the company, to make sure you fully understand their key practices and to provide a wider context of the role for which you are applying. This will also highlight areas of the company you are particularly interested in or may wish to question with the interviewers. Ensure to read and absorb the job description thoroughly, consider how your skills meet the necessary criteria and prepare to promote your relevant strengths on the day.


When applying for roles at a senior level or when planning a partnership move, the interviewers will already have a fair understanding of your skills and experience. Within meetings at this level, the firm will be more interested in your aspirations, long-term strategy to grow the company and your business case. This document should detail how you propose to generate new clientele for the firm, capitalise on your existing contacts and demonstrate how your past performance proves that you will deliver success in the future. Visit our candidate resources page for more advice about building a strong business case.



In a professional context, dressing to impress means presenting yourself appropriately. While there is no harm in expressing your personality through your appearance, consider the setting and the people you are meeting with in the interview room. What may be appropriate in an informal not-for-profit setting will likely not cut it at a more conservative corporate firm. If not possible to investigate and establish a dress code in advance, it is safer to dress on the smart side; you can still let your personality shine with a statement necklace, or your favourite tie.

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A certain level of stress and nervousness is to be expected throughout the interview process but needn’t be a hindrance. Where possible, taking steps to ease your anxiety in advance can make the whole experience far more positive and pleasant. As highlighted earlier, taking some time to prepare in advance or pre-empt difficult questions can provide some much-needed calm on the day. The soothing power of a few deep breaths before a big meeting also cannot be underestimated, to release physical tension and prepare you for a composed conversation. Lastly, remember that the interview process is a ‘two-way street’ – you are there to discover if the role is a good fit for you.


As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression and this is particularly the case when it comes to interviews. Perhaps it’s self-explanatory but arriving late to a pre-arranged meeting can put you at an immediate disadvantage. Simply put, punctuality shows a level of organisation, dedication and respect that will be attractive to any firm.


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