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CV Template for NQ Solicitors

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LinkedIn Profile:


Summarise (a third to half page) your experience and show how it fits the role. Consider referencing:

  • Your chosen practice area and drawing attention to relevant experience as a trainee;
  • Any stand-out Commercial, Business Development and Client facing skills/experience;
  • Previous experience of living or working overseas; any prior exposure to the target market;
  • Only exceptional academic or extracurricular achievements;
  • What you are looking for in a new role and why an offshore/international move attracts you;
  • Avoid excessive repetition of detail from the following CV.

Education and Qualifications

  • Legal admission(s) including month, year and jurisdiction;
  • Academic and professional studies in reverse order, most recent first back to GCSE/equivalent;
  • Include dates (month and year), institution, location, studies and overall results;
  • Where relevant, indicate ‘equivalent grades’ (e.g. GPA 63% equivalent to a UK 2.1);
  • Keep detail of individual modules to a minimum;
  • Brief mention of awards, prizes, scholarships;
  • Include fluent or near fluent languages (if multilingual this may merit a dedicated section).

Legal Employment

Training Contract

  • Detail your training contract including dates (month and year), firm, location(s) and seats;
  • Seats should be listed in order of relevance not chronologically;
  • Devote space according to relevance. E.g. ten bullet points for the directly relevant seat, five bullet points for a partially relevant seat and a couple for an irrelevant seat;
  • Avoid repetition of duties; a summary of your duties and then a list of matters works better;
  • Outline areas where your experience has been exceptional such as large amounts of responsibility or active involvement in business development;
  • Consider using any short, positive quotes from your appraisals or supervising partners.


  • For lengthy periods of time in particularly relevant paralegal roles, include a similar level of detail to that for a relevant training seat.
  • For short term roles or less relevant practice areas a short description should suffice.
  • Outline any particularly strong transferable skills that have subsequently served you well.

Internships/Work experience:

  • Bullet point list should suffice – you need only include dates, firm, location and practice area.

Additional Information

Adapt as required, the following headings are optional and should only be included if relevant.

Non-Legal Work experience

  • For relevant or lengthy roles, include a summary, otherwise a bullet point list will suffice;
  • Where including non-legal experience, draw on relevant transferable skills;
  • Part-time jobs whilst studying, unless making a material difference, need not be included.

Voluntary Work

  • Particularly emphasising pro-bono legal work.


Published Articles; Public Speaking/Seminars

  • Title, date, relevant chapter etc.;
  • Event, date, contribution.


  • Industry or legal group memberships for example.


  • Academic and/or professional awards; scholarships; recommendations.


  • Keep it short and consider whether relevant.

CV gaps

  • If you have taken time out to travel for example, it can be useful to reference it here.

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