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Contrary to popular opinion, candidates with multiple offers do not always take the highest salary, join the biggest firm or accept the first offer.

Stage one, for us, is to establish the answers to ‘why’ they are considering this move.

An unmissable document providing advice, tips and things to consider if you are an NQ solicitor or approaching qualification.

Opportunities for planning lawyers continue to rise. Take a look at this unmissable document to learn the key trends within this busy sector.

Are you a newly qualified solicitor or approaching qualification? Check out this document which sheds light on markets, the recruitment process, questions you

Discover how long will it take you to make partner, whether your gender or practice area matter and more in our latest survey.

When will I make partner? Our latest research pinpoints how long it should take and the timescales you should work towards.

If you are a NQ solicitor or approaching qualification, then this unmissable document advises on regional markets, the recruitment process and career