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The Digital Face of Recruitment

The Digital Face of Recruitment

The Digital Face of Recruitment

With so many applicants vying for the best positions within the leading law firms, technology is being used to sift through candidates more quickly and efficiently. This had led to some of the largest firms implementing pre-recorded video interviews featuring set questions with a time limit on answers. The purpose of these short recordings is to see a candidate’s ability to succinctly answer questions and perform under pressure.

Obviously this scenario can fill many with dread, but here are some ways you can negate a poor performance:

Pick your setting carefully

We are not claiming to be Steven Spielberg, but there are some useful tips that can help make sure your video is of a high standard. Pick an appropriate setting with little noise and a plain background to avoid sound and visual distractions. It’s important to make sure lighting is sufficient in the room, but not enough to blind you. Make sure the camera on your laptop is at eye-level and in a comfortable position for you.

Practice, practice, practice

It’s vital to come across as natural on your video and this can only be guaranteed through constant practice so your answers flow without hesitation. Whether you want to do various takes of your answers on your phone to get used to talking into a lens or practice in front of the mirror, you must make the most of your chance to streamline your performance. There are set time limits for each question, so being succinct, articulate and coherent is pivotal to success.

The best version of yourself

This is a great opportunity to present the best version of yourself. There may not be a person sat in front of you, but traditional interview techniques are still key with good eye contact, positivity and good body language as important as ever. Not only must you answer set questions well but get across your enthusiasm for the legal profession, the firm and the role you are applying for. Shake off those nerves, remain confident and make this your chance to bring your application to life.

Here at Origin Legal, we make it our business to have our finger on the pulse of law firm recruitment trends. If you want the very latest tips and advice then give us a call on 01206 233500 or browse our comprehensive candidate resources.

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