Clare Traverse

A Business Management graduate from the University of Essex, Clare joined Origin in 2019 to take on the growing demand from our clients in Scotland and the North of England.

Clare has over 5 years sales, marketing and recruitment experience. She developed her creative and management skills in the fashion retail industry before applying her talents to client development and marketing management in the competitive world of publishing.

Tenacious, enthusiastic, ambitious and committed to providing high standards of work, Clare has developed a strong bond with a growing number of loyal clients.

Away from the office Clare has a real passion for live music. When she’s not throwing shapes in a crowd, you’ll find her entertaining friends and family with a good glass of red.


NQ to Partner level Solicitor recruitment on behalf of Private Practice and in-house companies, principally in the North and North West of England.

Clare Traverse



Binging on a good dark and sinister series (recommendations welcome).



Reykjavik, Whistler and Amsterdam

Something You Didn’t Know about Clare


Clare suffers from Trypophobia


Private Client

“I have worked with Origin for a couple of years now. I have always appreciated their friendly approach, openness and honesty. I know I will get solid advice that I can trust and that there is no hidden agenda. They really make an effort to connect with their clients and to get to know them. And when you genuinely get on, it is that much easier to work together.”

Professional Liability & Commercial Litigation

“They are very different from the usual agency style recruiters and as such have access to a wide range of different jobs across the City. I briefed them on what I wanted and I found consultants who provided a totally personalized service. They were the only consultants to find me a job in Aviation. I had such an unexpectedly brilliant service from them that I thought you might like to know”

City Law Firm

“I have been impressed with the degree of personal service received by Origin Legal. Their approach seems to be to not bother clients unless they have someone suitable or a valid and relevant question to ask, which is appreciated, particularly in the current climate. The consultants are also honest, professional and friendly.”

What advice would you give your younger self?


Ultimately, you’re in charge of your own happiness stop relying on other people.