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Having a Ball in Belarus

Having a Ball in Belarus

Having a Ball in Belarus

Having traversed over 1827km to date on our quest to “reach Moscow” during the World Cup, the Origin Legal team enjoyed some brief downtime in the ‘blue-eyed land’ of Belarus. The land earned its nickname from the presence of more than 10,000 lakes nationally, making Belarus a wonderfully scenic country to pass through on this epic journey across Europe.

We made our virtual stop in the historic city of Slonim in the Grodno region of the country, and whilst in the city we took a little time to visit some historic sites, including Slonim’s synagogue and St Andrew’s Church, both damaged during WW2 but ultimately still standing strong.

Despite enjoying our time exploring the city and surrounding forests, we are ever-eager to keep moving. We’re pushing our bodies to the limit but are keen to persevere - on our bikes, in our running shoes, and in the water to achieve our goal of reaching Moscow in June. We still have 906km to go, so it’s time for a big push in these final weeks!

To keep us going, our focus remains on the amazing cause, to raise funds and awareness for Fatboys Charity who work tirelessly to support children with cancer and their families.

Click here to read more about our Road to Moscow challenge and how this all began. Keep an eye on our blog page for future updates.

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