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Timetable of Action for NQ Solicitors In 2019

Timetable of Action for NQ Solicitors In 2019

Timetable of Action for NQ Solicitors In 2019

Are you a NQ solicitor or approaching qualification? Check out our 2019 timetable which will guide you in being proactive in finding that perfect first role:

January / February 2019

You will by now have engaged with recruiters through LinkedIn, social media, referrals from friends. Check their profile and see if their skills and experiences match the requirements for your career. Check your chosen recruiter’s recommendations on LinkedIn and seek good personal recommendations from friends and fellow solicitors who have been through the NQ process.

It is okay to speak with previous year trainees to find out who they would recommend and choose a recruiter who has proven experience in advising NQs in your chosen area/location and sector.

It is very important to control your recruitment process. Limit the amount of places you send your CV and maintain a firm control on who has access to your CV.

Try to start discussions with your current firm about your final seat. Investigate if you can make that seat work for you and your chosen practice area on qualification. As mentioned earlier if you are really focused on a certain area of law try to create a situation where you can practice a double seat.

At this time work with your recruiter to produce a strong CV that is tailored to the positions that you are targeting. Consider including a profile that highlights your motivations and career ambitions. Also consider who you will use as referees and make sure that your academic certificates are accessible in case they are needed. Also ramp up your professional social media activity and raise your profile both online and within your local community.

March / April / May

At this point start to investigate internal applications. Opportunities should start to be opened and discussed and your partner and principles should be in a position to identify 2019 vacancies. At this stage, it is good to start making applications and attend interviews. Get some detailed interview coaching and support from your recruitment consultant. Try to think of ways to get marginal gains on other candidates to secure the position you want.


If you have not secured a position in your chosen location / discipline continue to keep a watching eye on your local market. This is also the time to widen the search into different geographical areas or a second-choice discipline.


If you are still available in August widen your search with recruiters to ensure you are visible for when those final September positions are released. Open yourself to Opportunities on LinkedIn.


Start your new position. For a confidential conversation about the NQ market please contact the team at Origin Legal by telephone on +44 (0)1206 233500 or email us at [email protected]


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